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P.-1 21-2378 Superintendent's Report - October 13, 2021. Highlights from Schools ? Stories from schools Covid Safety Protocols ? Testing Implementation ? Vaccine Implementation Sojourner Truth Distance Learning Update ? Attendance & Services Custodial Services ? Updates ? Flea Issues Enrollment & Attendance ? Enrollment Counts ? Attendance Numbers

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    Kathy Kojimoto 3 months ago

    On September 30th, the same day Black Students and Families Thriving Taskforce first convened, the Core Leaders of the Reparations for Black Students Campaign met with the incumbent OUSD Superintendent, Kyla Johnson-Trammell. During this meeting the Core Leaders discussed accountability with the Superintendent in handling of 5 priority areas of the Reparations Resolution:

    Appropriating funds for Unhoused Students

    Quarterly Report on the Status of Black Students

    Delayed Establishment of the Black Students and Thriving Families Taskforce

    Conducting Anti-Racist Training for Board of Education

    Safe Reopening of School

    Please provide a transparent and accurate report to the parents, students and community who have been advocating for these changes to better our future.

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    Shaniah Ritzie 3 months ago

    When will the progress of the Reparations for Black Students Resolution be included in the Superintendents report? The establishment and future of the taskforce seem like pressing items to agendize and report back to the community on. This taskforce will be instrumental in guiding and monitoring the success of the Black Students in OUSD. Please make space during your opportunity to present as Superintendent to share the challenges and successes Black students are facing in the district.

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    Kim Davis 3 months ago

    Please include the same information about enrollment numbers from report to report so it is easier to make direct comparisons, last report included only transition grades while this report is grade spans - can we have a comparison in grade span change over the time span, and also where new students are coming from. Where did the 335 students come from who we show on this report compared to the last report? What grade levels? Only 18 students were added to independent study so it isn't that. Please ask these type of questions so that the data has meaningful context. We should be able to report how many students came from outside the district, how many came from charter schools, how many were just not enrolled anywhere. Also, no doubt some Stonehurst students and staff brought those fleas home from school, what resources are we providing to them to combat possible transferred infestations? And had this problem existed since school reopened? If yes, why did it take so long to address?