Meeting Time: June 30, 2021 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

S.-2 21-0035 Approval by the Board of Education of a Long Term Ground Lease with Eagle Environmental Construction & Development (EECD) for Affordable and Workforce Housing at the Former Tilden Child Development Center, 4551 Steele Street, Oakland, CA, 94619-2743, a District surplus property.

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    Pearl Opem 3 months ago

    I oppose the leases

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    Eliud Navarro 3 months ago

    Good evening, my name is Eliud Navarro. I am a resident of San Leandro & attend Lincoln High. I tend to find myself oscillating as a member of my community with the rich & diverse community of Oakland. I am currently enrolled in a 3 week trades program at Cypress Mandela & have received OSHA health & safety training (aside from other courses, such as silica safety as well) at said facility. As for the project, Im in full support as it can help out us people in today’s seriously cut throat world. Housing is a necessity & I’d like to know I could help support a program that would help shelter families like mine. With that said, I strongly vouch for this project alongside my fellow alumni from Cypress. We’re here to support community-benefitting projects such as these & intend to be heard! Thank you for your time.

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    Caroline Miazgowicz 3 months ago

    I am an OUSD elementary school teacher and I strongly oppose this lease. There is no guarantee of affordable housing and OUSD gets a terrible deal for this valuable space.

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    christian oceguera 3 months ago

    Hello my name is christian oceguera and I'm a five week intern who is attending cypress mandela. I support this because I get to have a chance to see how it feels to work on the field.

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    Bruce Giron 3 months ago

    Lack of housing is at a crisis level and there is precious little time to do something about it...delaying any solution, however imperfect should be avoided at all cost

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    Talmera Richardson 3 months ago

    Talmera Richardson I’m a Parent and Oakland Native, I’m also a Parent Organizer for BayAreaPlan. I oppose the lease agreement. I believe this lease will hurt our teachers and our community. Our teachers do over and beyond the call of duty! They our overlooked! And underpaid! Please support our Teachers! When we here affordable housing for Who???? I stand in solidarity with being against the 75 year lease! It’s doing more harm! And putting black and brown communities/schools pushed out! “We Thrive!” Is OUSD slogan! Wrong INVESTOR AND OUSD THRIVE WHILE OUR TEACHERS, SCHOOLS,COMMUNITIES DIE!

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    Bradford Flewellen 3 months ago

    I live in District 2 and totally support this project. The proposal to utilize these sites for affordable housing for teachers is a great use. Additionally, the community benefits included in the project proposal provide much needed jobs and opportunities for community members to participate in the economic growth generated by the development. All in all, this is a great project led by a qualified development team that the OUSD board members should be proud to support. Thank you.

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    Traver Hill 3 months ago

    This something the community can build on

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    Sasha Rockwell 3 months ago

    Im an elementary school teacher in OUSD and I oppose this lease that does not consider our students and families.

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    Nevaeh Eason 3 months ago

    My name is Nevaeh Eason, and I am a student at Cypress Mandela Training Center. I support this lease because My fellow youth would receive an opportunity to learn trades and take responsibility for their City.

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    Lionel Edmondson 3 months ago

    In 1980 at 19 years old My Beloved Aunt Madera was going through rough times while living house to house in desperate need of a change. Traveling from Chicago to the Bay Area she attended the Oakland Adult Day and Evening School located near East Mount Mall which was affiliated with Castle Mount High School. The Oakland Unified School District allowed my Aunt with the opportunity to take her GED test and receive a High School Diploma from Castle Mount High School. My Aunt told me that She truly believes that had the Adult Day And Evening School had not been there for her access, she would have never Graduated from High School. From there she went on to attend the Polly Priest Business College located in Down Town Oakland and Got a full time Job at Pacific Bell which we know as AT&T. She went on to have a successful career in Real Estate as a Realtor. So you see the Adult Day and Evening School helped my Aunt be the Most Beautiful, kind hearted and well spirited woman she is today.

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    Sarah Goudy 3 months ago

    I'm a high school teacher in Oakland and I oppose this lease. There has been a total lack of community input in this decision, and the property is being given away to developers for pennies on the dollar. What an outrageous process!

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    Ronan Gillespie 3 months ago

    Public Land for Public Good!

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    Fari Shields 3 months ago

    Please let them build

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    Bill Balderston 3 months ago

    Having been active in this community for more than thirty years (well over twenty as
    an OUSD teacher), I have seen much outrageous behavior by this board;
    this measure would rank near the top of the list. It is a matter of selling out to
    corporate developers . Have some decency and vote no.

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    Michael Taylor 3 months ago

    I am a D5 Oakland teacher. I oppose this motion. There is no guarantee that this land will actually go toward affordable or workforce housing. There IS a guarantee that the developer will make millions of dollars on this land and that what we'll earn won't allow for any significant benefit to accrue to OUSD. Please vote this down!

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    Mayra Alvarado 3 months ago

    I am an Oakland D7 resident and Oakland teacher. Although I understand the concern about blight, I'm opposed to this sale as I know that this lease is being provided at an unimaginably low cost.

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    Gail Ellis 3 months ago

    There has been a lot of crime, homelessness, depressed areas in need of repair and beautification, this is an opportunity to build affordable housing for teachers and the community at large. We are experiencing a shortage of housing, please move forward and approve this project.

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    Michael Galeana 3 months ago

    My name is Michael Galeana and I am a student at Cypress Mandela Training Center. We should support the cause because in Oakland, it would provide so much more job opportunities for grownups and teens. This could also provide some opportunities for youths to learn how to be productive in society and not out on the streets.

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    Divya Farias 3 months ago

    I am a special education teacher at CCPA in District 6. Vote down this lease!! This is not an investment in our community; this is a land grab on the backs of our young people. For starters the lease is PENNIES in comparison to the money Eagle will be making with the commercial properties and townhouses that are planned. There is no plan for affordable housing or any other pro-public use of the property that will benefit our community and our youth. Vote no!