Meeting Time: March 25, 2020 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

T.-2 20-0548 Adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 1920-0221 - Adopting Issuance of Proposition 39 Final Facilities Offers and Directing Staff to Issue Written Final Offers in Compliance with Proposition 39 (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 5, § 11969.1 et seq.)

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    Kampala TaizRancifer 6 months ago


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    erin Crawford 6 months ago

    No school closures, no co locations! Especially during this uncertain time, we need to give our students and their families more stability and support than ever!

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    Tina Robinson 6 months ago


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    Olivia Udovic 6 months ago

    In this time of severe national crisis, OUSD must not move forward with any plans to close or co-locate any schools in the district. The affected communities have no ability to give feedback on the proposals and our communities have much more urgent needs upon which to focus. Our students need stability, not further disruption to their educational journeys.

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    Derrick Johnson 6 months ago

    Let Ms West Speak! She is a Brookfield community member! STOP silencing our community.

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    Daniel Maxon 6 months ago

    Brookfield elementary... The heart of brookfield... as an Alumni, there's no way this school should close. Great staff, guidance, mentors & a safe-haven... Keep Brookfield put.

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    Shawnisha Ball 6 months ago

    As former student of Brookfield Elementary I am not supporting this .That school means something to me and I have children that now attend that school.

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    Camille Martin 6 months ago

    As an alumni, I can attest to the importance of Brookfield School. This community deserves the teachers and staff members that have spent decades pouring endlessly into our children. This school is such a vital piece of the makeup that helps Brookfield to thrive. The children in this neighborhood deserve these teachers and to keep their school! OUSD needs to take responsibility for their shortcomings and level the playing field. These schools in neighborhoods like Brookfield do not need to close. They need support through proper allocation of funds, adequate resources and programming that is on par with schools in more affluent Oakland neighborhoods. Closing this school will create extra barriers for parents that are already stretched thin. Our children and our neighborhood should not be treated as dead weight; something to throw off a sinking ship. OUSD needs to fix the larger problem. This is not the way.

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    Tiffany Gradney 6 months ago

    Brookfield runs deep in the community. This school belongs to the community. Stop pushing our youth out and invest more into the school.

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    Keilah Benton 6 months ago

    The co-location of a charter would not help this school. Just stop it! Brookfield Elementary is full of culture that needs to remain and teachers that have dedicated their lives to this school and their students. To replace it or locate a charter school to the premises is a slap in the face to the community and it will not benefit the kids.

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    NIck Palmquist 6 months ago

    This is not the time for co-locations. It's never the time since they are so disruptive to existing schools and make education a competitive system which is not how to improve caring-based systems (schools do NOT operate the same way as businesses). But especially in times like this families, students, and educators need stability and need to know that their school will be there, untouched, when we all return. Do the right thing! No colocations!

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    Felisha West 6 months ago

    Ousd has forgotten many of Brookfield Elementary Village students that continue on to college and became successful and return to Brookfield Village Elementary School to say thank you in many successful ways:
    because they say without the village along with the school where would I be so closing a community school many of our students wouldn't have graduate from UC Berkeley , Stanford , UC Davis , East Bay UC, College of Alameda , Laney Chabot, Merritt nursing and a host of many other and University. Once you take a community school away from the community you take a person Legacy out of their life.”

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    Nailah Franklin 6 months ago

    I have been working for the after school program at Brookfield Village Elementry for 6years now and the children in the community that go to the school really need our programs, activities and the resources we provide because it gives them a since of belonging as well as a safe environment for the to explore and learn new things while their away from home. The extra love the school provides is a necessity.

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    Samari Wilson 6 months ago

    As a former student of Brookfield Elementary I am opposed to the closure of this educational institution. This is a rare facility built off of the love of the community. I remember learning how to play the flute , being on the traffic squad, and learning from a diverse group of talented professionals. This is a school that enhances the community and should stay as such . What will happen to the safety all of the children that are now forced to catch the bus or walk to a new school further away from home ? Please consider this statement in your final approval.

    Best Regards

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    DeAndre Anderson 6 months ago

    I grew in the Brookfield community and it made me who I am today, I think relocating schools for charter schools will heavily discourage the youth in the community and give them less of a chance to stay true to who they and what makes Oakland so great

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    Jeramiah Paige 6 months ago

    As an alumni of Brookfield village elementary of almost 10 years ago, it will be a disservice for Faculty, Teachers, Students, and community members to close/Co locate this wonderful institution! We are in a pandemic at this time, and if the district really CARED about pouring into the youth, they would continue to keep schools, like Brookfield, who have been a beacon light in the community for years, OPEN! Also, the public school experience is much more impactful than charter because it allows our students and staff to develop their own ideas and freedoms without having to be confined to strict rules and guidelines of a charter!

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    Markel Harris 6 months ago

    I’m a former student and Brookfield resident and I oppose for the closure of Brookfield elementary and replace with a charter school

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    Mario Richardson 6 months ago

    Brookfield elementary is an important, foundational institution for the children in the community. To replace it will be disgraceful in an ominous time like this.

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    Jennifer Quintanilla 6 months ago

    I stand with Brookfield families! I strongly oppose the co-location of Charter schools on our public schools. These moves have never supported our Oakland students, and if you continue to allow it, especially now during this global pandemic, you will guarantee more suffering to our Oakland communities. The community is well aware that the closing of public schools hurts the students the most. Everyone around the country is looking to leaders for help. Will OUSD continue the path of suffering for our Oakland families? STOP ALL SCHOOL CLOSURES AND END CO-LOCATIONS NOW.

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    Becka Langum 6 months ago

    Brookfield Elementary is a community school that deserves more than co-location. Community schools are the heart of Oakland and cannot continue to progress and support their families and staff with limiting space and resources. Brookfield and all schools in Oakland deserve more, especially during this global crisis. Stop co-locations and closures.