Meeting Time: January 11, 2023 at 6:30pm PST

Agenda Item

C.-1 22-2731 Discussion and possible adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 2223-0036 - Rescission of School Consolidations for 2022-23.

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  • Default_avatar
    Jackie Shonerd 19 days ago

    Please find the courage to vote YES to rescind school closures. Study after study has shown closures DO NOT save money, but closures will cost the further loss of student enrollment, subsequent loss of funds, and they deepen the loss of community trust. Let this be the turning point where you focus on fully investing in ALL our district-run public schools. Don’t waffle by abstaining – be a trust-builder, an upstander, on behalf of all our students. Thank you!

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    David Weintraub 19 days ago

    This comment is on behalf of the Wellstone Democratic Club:
    We are SO grateful that this motion to rescind the ill conceived school closure resolution is finally before the newly elected school board members who have committed to this course of action during their campaigns. The existiing and planned closures were ill conceived because they continued a long term trend of our school boards and superintendents to close schools and not provide adequate services to our most vulnerable Black and brown communities. This without evidence that the closures were saving any money and certainly without any community engagement efforts by the District with the school communities effected. We support turning this trend on its head and this is a good start.

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    Lara Clayman 19 days ago

    I urge the board to pass Director Hutchinson's resolution. School closures disproportionately impact our black and brown communities. OUSD spends 591% more on administrative supervisory salaries than the average of all schools across the state. Closing schools will not correct financial deficits but cutting central office costs will.

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    Shula Bien 19 days ago

    Please stand with the community and vote yes on this resolution to rescind school closures.

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    Leann Cawley 19 days ago

    Please unanimously vote yes to stop school closures. It is time for the board to do the right thing.

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    Joy Sledge 19 days ago

    I strongly support the recission of school consolidations.

  • Default_avatar
    Jen Bellenger 19 days ago

    Thank you to President Williams for calling for this special meeting to discuss the adoption of Director Hutchinson's Resolution No. 2223-0036 - Rescission of School Consolidations for 2022-23. Oakland families have been fighting for the past year to prevent these school closures and consolidations, so thank you to Director Hutchinson for putting forth a resolution that represents the voice of the people. I urge the board to stand with the community, and unanimously vote YES.

  • Default_avatar
    Natasha Saleski 19 days ago

    Thank you to President Williams for agendizing this item, and to Director Hutchinson for his tireless advocacy on this issue. Please vote yes to rescind these school closures.

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    Nathaniel Landry 19 days ago

    In the strongest terms, I urge the board to pass Director Hutchinson's resolution. It's long past time for the sword that has, for a year, been hanging over the heads of students, teachers, and families at KDA, Grass Valley, Brookfield, Carl B Munck, and Hillcrest 6-8 to be removed, for good. The cruelty and disdain shown by the previous board majority cannot be overstated, but there's now an opportunity to reject it, and to begin repairing the harm done. Director Davis, I hope you can see your way to doing the right thing, this time around. Director Thompson, I hope you can find the conviction to vote YES and not to abstain, this time around. Director Resnick, this is a chance to do some good, while you sit illegitimately on the Board. May this also be the beginning of a discussion about FULLY FUNDING and driving enrollment at these school sites. Thanks to Director Hutchinson for acting with urgency and to President Williams for calling this special meeting. COMMUNITY, NOT CLOSURES.