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Q.-1 22-2501 Discussion and possible adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 2223-0032 - Including Family Voice in Collective Bargaining Agreements and Labor Negotiations.

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    OUSD Parent 11 months ago

    Teachers are strongly represented by their unions, however students need more representation from families who are deeply involved in their children's education each and every day. Also, OUSD is largely funded by Oakland families' tax dollars. It only makes sense that families should be involved in critical decisions involving the education their children are receiving.

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    Dina Frandsen 11 months ago

    Oakland parents and families have had their eyes opened wide in where our voices are not heard. One of the glaring areas is when so much of our children’s education is being discussed - the bargaining sessions between the Union and the District. There should be no reason these negotiations should happen without critical family voices included. Not just with 1 minute of public comment at a board meeting- but integrated into the negotiating process.