Meeting Time: January 12, 2022 at 4:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

T.-3 21-3077 Adoption by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 2122-0026 - Quality Instruction and Student Supports, Adequate Staffing, Competitive Compensation, and Long-Term Fiscal Stability.

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    OpposeDonnieBarcliftHeIsA ViolentChildAttackerAndStalker 11 months ago

    Parents, please vote for the immediate termination of OUSD employee Mr Donnie Barclift, Field Supervisor, Nutrition Services.
    In the late 1980's Mr Barclift severely beat two 11 year old kids with a wooden beam. One of those children died from a drug overdose 25 years later. This man is a malicious child predator not a "food hero" as he advertises himself. He sought employment with OUSD to reward himself for his violent act against those kids and potentially other kids by using his obtained position at OUSD to find new victims. Kids are his preferred victim because he thinks they don't know how to fight back. This man has ZERO college units, had zero interest in schools prior to OUSD, has no degree, yet earns a few thousands dollars less than his manager a CHEA accredited Master degree holder. OUSD is not a reverse discrimination haven for child predators.

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    OUSD Parent 11 months ago

    While it's not an easy choice, the responsible thing to do is consolidate schools. This will allow teachers to get higher salaries and will give students higher quality schools and programs. OUSD cannot continue to operate 81 schools for 35k students. All you have to do is look at other districts similar in size to know it's the responsible thing to do.

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    Megan Bacigalupi 11 months ago

    All students in OUSD school deserve the opportunity to attend high quality schools and teachers deserve robust support, higher salaries, and access to needed professional development. This is not possible while OUSD continues to experience declining enrollment and operates nearly 1/3 to twice as many schools as similar sized districts. Underenrolled schools are incredibly costly to operate while nearby schools with high enrollment receive less $ to operate. OUSD is facing a budget crisis and it will take strong leadership and some hard decisions to move forward, but it's possible for OUSD to emerge in a much stronger position for both students and teachers. 

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    josh cline 11 months ago

    Something must be done.

    Compared to other large districts in CA, OUSD has more money, has more teachers, and has smaller class-sizes. At the same time, we have lower teacher pay, we are forced to ignore maintaining our aging facilities, and we continue to dis-invest from valued programs like Restorative Justice and counseling services. This contributes to us having some of the worst academic results.

    The state is not going to step in to save us with a huge infusion of new money. We need to solve this issue on our own. We need to invest our money differently. School consolidations is one strategy (among others) to maximize our investments in student achievement.

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    Judi Burle 11 months ago

    This is one more effort to close schools.
    * We're still in a pandemic that's affecting the health and staffing of all our schools. This is no time to further disrupt students, families, communities, and staff.
    * The community cannot engage in the decision-making process without full access. The "notwithstanding" language in the resolution has no teeth to pause closures.
    * OUSD staff reports concluded that Cohorts 1 and 2 not only did not save money, but actually cost the District (when facilities costs were included).
    Closing any legacy-Black schools will counter the plans of the Black reparations proposal. The "notwithstanding" language in the resolution has no teeth to pause closures of such schools.
    Closing schools will cause some families to leave OUSD.
    This resolution asserts a $6 million savings on an unknown number of consolidations. Even if you erroneously believe closing schools saves money, how can anyone calculate this? This number is totally arbitrary.

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    Joy Sledge 11 months ago

    OUSD has closed a lot of schools and the students being impacted are the ones in the flatlands. It's sending a message that OUSD doesn't care about Oakland students and the difficulty to go to a school that's not near their community. To save money, we need to cut from the top in administration. More and more teachers and staff members will be losing their jobs and we need them to work with our students.