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V.-34 21-2263 Ratification by the Board of Education of a Services Agreement 2021-2022 by and between the District and Be the Change Consulting, Oakland, CA, for the latter to provide facilitation and process design for the Safety Plan design team, workgroups, and listening sessions as well as support with follow-up documentation for implementation of the Plan, via Community Schools and Student Services Department, for the period of August 23, 2021 through June 30, 2022, in an amount not to exceed $81,500.00.

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    Elizabeth Bea about 1 month ago

    I am an OUSD teacher who fears retaliation if I use my real name. Please understand that Safety Plans are crucial to student and staff well-being, AND that the fundamental issue at this time is that they are NOT typically created with teacher input, or even frequently SHARED with the teachers who are tasked to implement them. There are no apparent channels for OUSD educators to even participate in the design team, workgroups, and listening sessions this outside agency wishes to impact. Before spending a classroom teacher's salary on consultants...consider how you are or are not leveraging the actual skills, knowledge, and buy-in of the people in front of the kids every day. Thank you.