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H.-1 21-2257 Public Comment on All Non-Agenda Items Within the Subject Matter Jurisdiction of the Measures B, J, & Y Independent Citizens' School Facilities Bond Oversight Committee and/or Facilities Committee - September 16, 2021.

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    Carol Delton 3 months ago

    Two items which are not on the agenda but need to be:
    1) Month after month, since at least December 2020, I have asked and Board members have asked for a list of OUSD leases including their length, revenue and other relevant terms in order to allow the Board and Facilities Committee to evaluate whether these uses and revenues are in the interest of the district. Time after time, when I have researched a lease, I have found it was the the detriment of the district, and ultimately the students of OUSD, including the initial lease to the Piedmont Avenue Library which did not even cover the cost of customization done by OUSD.

    2) Several months ago, there was a presentation at the Facilities Committee on revenue from developer fees and its allocation to maintenance, which per the recent Budget and Finance Committee meeting, was not an allowable use. Since funds are now allocated from the unrestricted general fund for this purpose, how are the developer fees proposed to be used?