Meeting Time: September 08, 2021 at 4:00pm PDT
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P.-1 21-2032 Superintendent's Report - September 8, 2021: Highlights from Schools ? Stories from schools Covid Safety Protocols ? Ventilation Update ? Staffing Vaccine Rate & Protocols ? Testing Protocols ? Positive Case Dashboard and Contact Tracing Protocols Sojourner Truth Distance Learning Update ? Services Enrollment & Attendance ? Enrollment Counts ? Attendance Numbers ? Attendance Strategy

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    Patricia Johnson 14 days ago

    Emerson staff have handled the transition back to school so well, especially and including the covid prevention protocols and communication. I appreciate that the district is proving a testing site so close to the school (at Oak International) and the access to testing supplies. Thank you for making in person school a seamlessly joyful experience for my first grader. I fully support vaccine mandates for teachers, staff, and eligible students, to keep everyone safe.

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    Lindsay E 14 days ago

    Thank you OUSD for a phenomenal job having all of our kids back in school. It makes all the difference to these kids and it is clear the mitigation measures are working. Let's keep encouraging vaccination for everyone who is lucky enough to be eligible.We feel that our needs are being heard and it is a wonderful thing to have you following guidelines and keeping schools open. Thank you again.

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    Kim Horstman 14 days ago

    OUSD -- thank you for all your hard work keeping our kids safe this year!

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    RICHARD HIRSCH 14 days ago

    hello OUSD Board, I wanted to give you all kudos and praise for your efforts to implement COVID testing and quarantine policies that address the nuances of the County and State mandates that are now in place. We can see that you are actively trying to slice and dice the mandates in ways that allow the maximum number of kids to continue going to school and be on campus, while minimizing the number that are negatively impacted. It appears that other California school districts are clearly applying black and white interpretations, resulting in more classrooms experiencing bulk quarantines and isolation, unnecessarily. Other California districts should model these protocols.

    So while I was previously critical of your handling of OEA and thoughts around limited return to campus at the end of last school year, I am currently impressed and thankful for your efforts to find the best ways to keep the most kids on campus during this ridiculously unprecedented time, they are appreciated.

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    Jamie Eder 14 days ago

    We can’t thank you enough for reopening, staying open, testing, contact tracing, vaccination clinics. You are heroes absolutely. You are working so hard. My two teen boys are transformed by being able to go to school. They are learning and excited to learn. The brightness in their eyes, confidence in their step, energy and hope in their mood, have all come back thanks to SCHOOL and thanks to YOU.

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    Dina Frandsen 14 days ago

    I want to thank the teachers , school staff and District Staff for all of the hard work that has been put in to making the schools safe. As we all know from watching schools that were open all year last year, cases in school reflect the community, and we saw a good amount of cases come in from the community at the start of school. If schools were not safe those numbers would have multiplied - instead we saw a 51% drop in cases from week 2 to week 3. That is significant & a testament to what you all have put in place, the Rapid Response Testing and more. I am sure we will see cases rise after Labor Day & I encourage a robust testing plan after the Holidays this winter - as again cases will come from holiday gatherings.Please continue to implement the most logical approaches to keeping our kids safe-we know that misinformation causes some anger in the community, but know that there are a lot of us who know you are going above & beyond. Stay the course and THANK YOU!!