Meeting Time: June 30, 2021 at 4:00pm PDT
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A. Call To Order - 4:00 P.M.

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    Osvaldo FuentesGil over 1 year ago

    Hello my name is Osvaldo Fuentes-Gil, I am an OUSD student and the school I am attending to is Coliseum College Prep Academy. This coming up school year I will be a senior at CCPA . This summer I have chosen to take a 5 week pre-apprenticeship at Cypress Mandela, So far Cypress Mandela has been a good place that can help us young people and adults grow physically and mentally. They challenge you to try new things and help you do your best so you can be proud of yourself and the work you have done. They can help you become a better person and find a good career in construction trades. Cypress Mandela has shown us we can surpass our limits and keep succeeding. I support this because I believe our voices need to be heard, Even though we are young students from OUSD we will be the future of this community we should have a say in what we believe is right. We can better our community and come together to have a good future in this city we have grown up in. Thank you for your time.

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    Justin Zaragoza over 1 year ago

    Hello, my name is Justin Zaragoza and I’m a OUSD student. The school I attend is CCPA ( Coliseum College Prep Academy )and I’m soon to be a senior this fall. I’m currently attending a 5 week pre apprenticeship program at Cypress Mandela and so far I have been taught a lot of valuable lessons and learned to work as a team. Cypress Mandela gives a lot of trade opportunities for those who are interested and ready to work with their hands. I support this project as it can give young adults the opportunity to work on something for their community and be a chance to explore what type of trades and/or careers they would be most interested in. Also this project would help clean up the environment and provide necessary housing. Overall this is a project us as a community should support and give it our best to make it happen !!

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    Diego Hernandez over 1 year ago

    My name is Diego Hernandez. I am OUSD student attending at Coliseum College Prep Academy. I will be a senior this upcoming school year . I joined Cypress Mandela apprenticeship program 2 weeks ago. Over all its good beneficial program especially for those who are looking into joining the trades or not. Cypress Mandela is filled with opportunities and filled with intelligent people who trough out the course learn discipline,respect,care and overall maturing,taking their futures into consideration by investing it at Cypress Mandela . I support this because Cypress community will be able to have a opportunity to work as a team and get experience. As well, make an environment like new again.

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    Alex Tum over 1 year ago

    Hello my name is Alex Tum, I recently graduated from Life Academy, I am now attending pre apprenticeship program at Cypress Mandela. I support this movement due to the fact it will open up great opportunities for the next generation of students who are interested in working in trades. It will allow them to be able to work on something in their community,

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    Julio Mora over 1 year ago

    Hello, my name Is Julio Mora and I recently graduate from Lps Oakland. I am currently attending the Cypress Mandela 5 week internship program, which is where I heard about this project.

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    Agusrin bautista over 1 year ago

    hello my name is Agustin Bautista and I am an OUSD student the school I attend is called CCPA (Coliseum College Prep Academy) I'm going into my senior year. I join Cypress Mandela 3 weeks ago and it good internship and they teach you a lot of good things. They give you great opportunities for your future. I am commenting and supporting this right now because I feel like this could be a really great opportunity for us young adults and our community. I feel like this right here can be a good opportunity.........

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    Brandon RomeroDiaz over 1 year ago

    My Name is Brandon Romero Diaz I am going to be a Junior this fall of 2021 and I support this project because it gives many opportunities for our communities that many times are overlooked and can help people gain new experiences. it can also be a learning and teaching experience for a lot of people that are interested in a trade but don't know a lot.

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    kerin Murillo over 1 year ago

    Hi my name is Kerin Adonay Murillo and I have been in OUSD schools since my 4th grade and I am currently going to my senior year of high school in a couple of months at Fremont High School and also currently, I am a Pre-Apprentice at Cypress Mandela where they show us how to be the best versions of our selves and they give really great opportunities and the reason I am commenting and supporting this right now is because I feel like this could be a really great opportunity for us young adults and our community as well and even though I might be young. I know that this is a great opportunity so I really wish it becomes reality...
    For the people who read this till the end I just wanna say Thank You for giving me some of your precious time to read this Juniors opinion and I hope you all have a great day.

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    Victor CollazoRodriguez over 1 year ago

    I support this project. I am currently about to be a Senior at Castlemont High School. I support this project because it opens up a lot of doors for people in the OUSD to get jobs and also for students like me interested in going into construction. I am a graduate of the Green Construction and Energy Efficiency home improvement 6-week PAL training program at Cypress Mandela. I am also a current student at the Intro to Construction Summer 2021 program at Cypress Mandela. Cypress Mandela has helped me explore the different trades that there is and now they are helping us explore different projects in our community like this one. I strongly support this project and would recommend spreading the word.

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    Walter Riley over 1 year ago

    I oppose the lease of school OUSD that is on the agenda.

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    Lillie Clausen over 1 year ago

    Building Affordable Housing- lease the land
    As an educator and a career advisor to students working towards completing their education, I am very aware of the need to attract qualified teachers who are willing to work in inner city school districts. Because of this, I think part of the school board's obligation is to explore and engage in opportunities to attract and keep quality teachers living and working in the community. Having affordable housing is a no-brainer because it means, shorter commutes, lower transportation costs, and overall lower cost of living.
    So, why not lease land to a company who will not only clean up the land, build affordable housing for teachers and in so doing, help clean up a neighborhood, provide much needed housing, and more so, attract more qualified teachers to the district, and be able to support current teachers who are looking for affordable housing in the city.

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    Leah Dagmar over 1 year ago

    As an Oakland parent, educator, and taxpayer I oppose OUSD leasing the TIlden CDC and Edward Shands sites to private developers. These are public properties and should not go to private development. Any development should first be sustainable housing and affordable to low income folks and local workers (teachers, health).

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    Blaine McFadden over 1 year ago

    As a 26 year resident and home owner of the City of Oakland where our children has attended local public and private schools in the City and love our City. I am appalled that board members would sit idly by and oppose the development of a site where the City of Oakland needs additional tax funds to address the issues of affordable homes. Especially for our local school teachers, first responders, police officers, health care workers who are not able to afford living in the city of Oakland where they work. That they would prefer to sit idly by and not take advantage for a local developer who has a track record for success in our community to develop a project that will employ local employees. This makes absolutely no sense at all. He will insure:
    1. The local community has an opportunity to be trained.
    2. He is green bond certified by the International Community.
    3. He will provide affordable housing to the most essential employees.
    Vote YES for the EEC Development project.