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Agenda Item

H.-1 21-1301 Presentation to the Measure G Parcel Tax Independent Citizens Oversight Committee by the Chief Academic Officer, or designee, of the District's Library Program.

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    M S 23 days ago

    Let me thank you for inviting me to provide my comment and as it is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.
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    Please protect your children from this scum bag child beater. He is not a 'food hero'.
    At least one of his pre-teen victims from the 1980's died already from a drug overdose in 2009.
    #There is no vaccine for child abuse.

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    Mariah Sparks 27 days ago

    Thank you, Measure G Committee for your oversight and concern for use of this public fund. Every school, every student, in every neighborhood deserves access to professional library staff. As an OUSD Tk-8th librarian, I have witnessed the joy of reading and books blossoming in every grade group. Thank you for considering our perspective on visioning library services to serve every student across the district equitably.

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    Cindy Pierson 27 days ago

    Thank you to the Measure G Committee for increased library funding for the 2021-2022 school year. More schools will receive library funding, including my school which has not received Measure G funds for many years. Each year, our community enthusiastically supports keeping the library but has to balance other pressing needs for funding. One year our library was closed for almost 6 months; there were shocked and crying children who could not understand why their library was taken away from them. I cannot overstate what our library means to our students, it is an inviting, joyful and safe place for kids to explore and read whatever they'd like. Every child should have such a place.

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    Jennifer Vetter 27 days ago

    Thank you! Much appreciation to the Measure G Committee and the District for increasing the funding per school -- and the number of schools that will receive funds -- in order to provide professional staffing for school libraries in the 2021-22 year. Now we just need to make sure that principals get the support they need to recruit and hire Library Technicians and Teacher Librarians to staff these libraries. If we don't, some libraries will remain closed or severely limited, and the funds will go unspent again. Many principals, educators, and parents don't understand the value of libraries because they have never experienced a real functioning library program led by a professional, due to the devastating cuts imposed after Proposition 13 passed in 1978. Let's work towards a not-too-distant future where the District supports fully open and professionally staffed libraries at EVERY school, with no thresholds or exceptions. It's not an extra; it's a requirement for public education.

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    Deborah Gibbons 28 days ago

    Thank you to the Measure G committee for recognizing the importance of school libraries. With the increased support, OUSD students have access to the popular and diverse titles in the SORA digital library, and will see more current print collections at their school sites in the fall. Joyful, independent reading leads to increased academic achievement for all.