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Agenda Item

20-1351 Discussion by LCAP - Parent Advisory Committee and with the community regarding Feedback for the COVID-19 Working Groups: · Share Documents and Tools for Community Town Hall (5 minutes) · Panel of PSAC Working Group Participants (20 minutes) Guiding Questions 1. What is the expected outcome(s) of this working group? 2. What has the group accomplished up to this point? 3. What specific question(s) does this working group need community members to answer at this time so that it can successfully do its work and response to diverse needs? 4. When will the working group complete its work? 5. How can community members provide additional feedback to the working group up to that point? Breakout Groups: Instruction, Technology, Facilities, Operations, Wellness, Community, Instruction--Spanish, Wellness--Spanish Divide into Breakout Groups (5 minutes) Breakout Groups (30 minutes) Breakout groups address Question #3. Report Back and Discussion (30 minutes) Committee members identify key points from the Breakout Groups.