Meeting Time: June 19, 2019 at 5:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

19-1448 Presentation to the Board of Education by the Superintendent of Schools, or designee, the Blueprint for Quality Schools Update.

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    Sandra Mukasa 4 months ago

    The strong neighborhood support for having a true community serving school, is one of the things I love about living in Longfellow.The Santa Fe school site is an ideal location to serve a broad range of students from the West Oakland corridor, and it is the neighborhood’s intent to support a strong district school that is a community hub for local students. Please do not give up on Santa Fe as a viable school site. It should be kept within OUSD control. Shuttered school sites hurt communities.

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    Jana Luft 4 months ago

    Please keep the Santa Fe school site as a neighborhood, district (non-charter) school! When I moved across the street from the Santa Fe school site, I was excited about my daughter being able to walk to school (and not cross MLK). The school is a community asset and there are many public transit options close to the campus, making it accessible for West/Northwest families. Santa Fe meets the board's criteria to keep as a public, non-charter school for North Oakland!

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    Bobbi Lpez 4 months ago

    Please keep Santa Fe open! We've seen the closure of Golden Gate, Longfellow, and previously Santa Fe, and it's just shocking how few public school options there are when I see so many small kids in my neighborhood, on my block! As a North Oakland Glenview parent at Santa Fe, that is a gem of a site. Let's not loose such a large, accessible site with a great field, playgrounds, and also let's not forget how many of my neighbors have really made those gardens something special!

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    Jeffrey Squires 4 months ago

    Please keep Santa Fe Elementary a neighborhood school. There are so many young kids that live nearby without a viable option. As a parent of one of those children, we don't want to drive across town and we don't want a charter school. There is simply no reason to get rid of a perfectly good school – especially one that is in such high demand.

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    Michael DreyfusPai 4 months ago

    As a parent in the Santa Fe neighborhood I implore the board to consider possibilities for a public school at the Santa Fe site. The closure of Longfellow, Golden Gate, and Santa Fe have left our neighborhood with very limited public school options in an area full of school-age children. We want a public school, not more charters! The Santa Fe site is an ideal facility, size, and location according to the criteria the board has identified. We are engaged & ready to support it!

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    Jonah Eidus 4 months ago

    Please please please do not give away this school. This neighborhood is booming with kids, and there seem to be no viable options for local schools. Charter schools are NOT the answer! Oakland wants good public schools, in convenient locations. Obviously it is next to impossible to open NEW schools in this real estate market... but let's not GIVE AWAY a perfectly good school in a neighborhood that so desperately needs one! Please support our neighborhood!

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    Emily Fox 4 months ago

    Why are there no schools in my neighborhood? I live three blocks from the closed Santa Fe Elementary site and my neighborhood is teeming with young families like mine. I have a 5 year old entering kindergarten and a 2 year old queued up for 2020, and I will have to drive my kids across town to school. The school closest to me is a charter school, and that is not an acceptable option. I believe in OUSD and the vision that the school board has for providing quality schools for ALL Oakland kids.

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    Jessica R 4 months ago

    We oppose the closure of Santa Fe Elementary. As parents of 2 Glenview Elementary students, we have gotten to know the families of the Santa Fe community, and feel strongly that there needs to be a district school that can serve the West Oakland corridor. As a Glenview parent, I know first hand that the facilities are generously sized, with a community garden, good play equipment and large classrooms. Please continue to consider keeping Santa Fe Elementary open as a neighborhood school.