Meeting Time: May 15, 2019 at 5:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

19-1077 Review by LCAP - Parent Advisory Committee of LCAP Engagement Calendar for May and June 2018 and to identify Committee needs including next steps for resolution adopted on 4/17/19: M. May 13 CAC Meeting (Focus on Outcomes on LCAP and Local Plan Indicators; Enrollment Policy) W. May 15 LCAP PSAC General Meeting (2019-20 LCAP Review); SpEd Indicators Review Th. May 23 Meeting of the District ELL Sub-Committee (In lieu of May 16) T. May 28 LCAP PSAC Meeting-Continuing Review of 2019-20 Draft LCAP T. June 4 Meeting of the Foster Youth Advisory Committee W. June 5 CAC Presentation to Board with Special Education Staff W. June 12 Review of LCAP by School Board, LCAP PSAC and Other Committees Present S. June 15 LCAP PSAC Retreat--Tentative W. June 19 LCAP PSAC Reflection Meeting (if retreat does not happen) W. June 26 Presentation of LCAP to School Board and Adoption