Meeting Time: March 23, 2018 at 4:30pm PDT
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Agenda Item

18-0637 Adoption by the Board of Education of position - i.e., reaffirm support, support, discuss, watch, oppose - on selected 2018 pending State Legislative Bills, within the interest of or within the subject matter jurisdiction of the District or school districts, including, but not limited to: Funding Bills · AB 60 (Santiago) Subsidized Child Care and Development Services: Eligibility Periods · AB 716 (O'Donnell) Magnet Schools · AB 1743, Amended (O'Donnell) California Career Technical Education Incentive Grant Program · AB 1744 (McCarty) After School Programs: Substance Use Prevention: Funding: Cannabis Revenue · AB 1951 (O'Donnell) Pupil Assessments: Pathways to College Act · AB 2068 (Chu) Electricity: Rates: Public Schools AB 2186 (Thurmond) Pupil Instruction: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education · AB 2514 (Thurmond) Pupil Instruction: Dual Language Programs: Grant Program · AB 2635 (Weber) Education Finance: Local Control Funding Formula: Supplemental Grants: Lowest Performing Pupil Subgroup or Subgroups · AB 2808 (Muratsuchi) Education Finance: Local Control Funding California: Funding Increase · AB 2820 (McCarty) School Accountability: Community Engagement and School Climate for Continuous Improvement Block Grant · SB 933 (Allen) Visual and Performing Arts Education: Grant Program Intent Bills · AB 2471 (Thurmond) Pupil Health: In School Support Services · AB 2788 (Thurmond) Teachers: Retention and Recruitment: Teacher Housing · AB 3136 (O'Donnell) Special Education AB 1871 (Bonta) Charter Schools: Free and Reduced-Price Meals Charter Schools · AB 1871 (Bonta) Charter Schools: Free and Reduced-Price Meals · SB 765 (Wiener) School Facilities: Surplus Real Property: Charter Schools · SB 1362 (Beall) Charter Schools: Petitions: Fiscal Impact on A School District: Charter School Special Education Local Plan Area Study by The Legislative Analyst Employees · AB 1220 (Weber) Certificated School Employees: Permanent Status · AB 2022 (Chu) Public Health: Mental Health Professionals