Meeting Time: June 26, 2024 at 4:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

Q.-3 24-1282 Adoption by the Board of Education, upon recommendation by the Measures N and H Commission, of the 2024-2025 Measure H Allocations & Measure N Strategic Carryover as allocated for each named school and for the 10% administrative cost, for a cumulative 2024-2025 Total Measure H & Measure N SCO Allocations for OUSD High Schools & the Admin 10% not to exceed amount of $10,194,314.16.

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    Carol Delton 19 days ago

    I was signed up for public comment on this item, raised my hand online and was not called. Had I been, I could have informed the Board that staff and YAP parents attended the Commission meeting where the planning grant was approved at the lower rate. Based on the parlimentarian's input at the last meeting where this issue was discussed, the Board has the power (and has used it in the past) to override the Commission's decision, but does not have the power to tell the Commission what to do. If YAP does not start receiving funding at the $850 rate by the time I receive my property tax bill, I will not be paying for this parcel tax and I will encourage others who are eligible to do the same.