Meeting Time: October 26, 2022 at 4:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

P.-2 22-2507 Approval by the Board of Education of Resolution No. 2223-0034 - Facilities Placement for the West Oakland Medical Therapy Unit [Option: Location A - Santa Fe Elementary School; or B - West Oakland Middle School; or C - Prescott Elementary School].

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    Mike Hu about 1 month ago

    I strongly urge your consideration of choosing location A - Santa Fe Elementary School (915 54th Street) for the placement of West Oakland MTU. Most students who get services at the West Oakland MTU have various special needs for educational purposes, and many such students have challenges transitioning from one environment to another. For these students, if the MTU can be placed at the Santa Fe site where the OUSD Special Education Adult program is located at, they get a chance to know the environment over the years, and this can really help them transition to the adult program if needed. Thank you for your consideration.