Meeting Time: October 26, 2022 at 4:00pm PDT

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C. President's Statement Disclosing Item(s) To Be Discussed In Closed Session

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    ChildBeaterHiredByOUSD DonnieBarcliftNutritionServicesFieldSupervisor 3 months ago

    What's this all about? I respectfully submit my complaint directly to the President's and BOG's thread so the public may acknowledge they can not say they are not aware of this complaint.

    Read the petition and do not ignore who OUSD hired, who your taxes are paying, and who the Ombudsperson covered up for.
    How long will you let exploitative, malicious, and undeserving employees like Donnie Barclift work at OUSD?
    Ending corruption requires taking a stand and speaking out. Your kids have the same human rights as adults. c/o: PTA, BOG.