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G.-3 21-2573 Review and discussion by LCAP - Parent Advisory Committee of 2021-2022 School Site Investments: Funding and Budget Context (10 minutes) - How did student enrollment and attendance shape our funding and budget this year? - What are the different funding sources for this year's budget? - What have been changes in our funding since the June adoption of the LCAP, budget, and school site plans (SPSAs) to which we have been adjusting? Allocations to School Sites (15 minutes) - What is the base allocation of positions to school sites? How is it determined? - What types of on-going dollars were allocated to school sites? How were the amounts determined? - Please recap the way in which Covid-relief investments were allocated to school sites (from 9/29 meeting) - Of which other types of one-time dollars managed by school sites must we be aware? Are there grants for which only certain schools qualify, or which were sought by or on behalf of specific schools? Questions and Answers (15 minutes) 10 MINUTE BREAK Types of Investments that Were Chosen by School Sites (15 minutes) - What were the most common types of investments made by school sites at the elementary, middle, and high school levels? - What are some unique investments that schools at the elementary, middle, and or high school levels made this year? - What types of information and guidance did school sites use in choosing how to invest the dollars allocated to them? Questions and Answers (10 minutes) Breakout Group Discussions (30 minutes) Question for Discussion in Breakout Groups: What are positive and challenging aspects of the way that we allocate positions and dollars to schools? Large Group Share Out (15 minutes)

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