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G.-3 21-2405 Presentation to and discussion by LCAP - Parent Advisory Committee of the Use of COVID-Relief Dollars: Central and School Site Investments: 1st PART OF THE PRESENTATION (20 minutes) Background Questions for Budget Conversations 1. How did student enrollment and attendance shape funding for our current budget? 2. What was our funding for the budget this year? 3. What different streams of funding are we working with? 4. What funding changes did we have to address in this year's budget? Review Questions for Participant Survey 1. The investments funded by COVID relief dollars match what I wanted to see funded. 2. These are the investments discussed today that I am most seeing implemented for my student(s) and/or at my school site: _________________________________________________________________________ 3. Two months into the school year, we most need to focus on this type of investment in responding to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on students and schools: ______________________________________ Transparency Documents: What they are and how to access them 2nd PART OF THE PRESENTATION (15 minutes) Questions about COVID Relief Funding 1. What amount of COVID relief funding did we receive? 2. Where are our COVID relief dollars allocated centrally and at school sites? What are the dollar amounts? 3. What portion of COVID relief dollars are included in our LCAP? Where in the LCAP do they show up? Where else beyond the LCAP do they show up? QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS SEGMENT (15 minutes) BREAK 3rd PART OF THE PRESENTATION (15 minutes) Questions about Specific Types of Covid Investments and their Implementation 1. What types of investments were funded by COVID relief dollars? How much did they cost? 2. How were these investments assigned to school sites and students? Where can school and community members see how these investments show up at schools and for students districtwide? 3. To what degree have the dollars that were assigned to each type of investment been utilized so far? (Examples: people hired; materials bought, etc.) What types of investments have been difficult to implement? 4. Do we expect a balance of COVID relief dollars to be available for the 2022-23 budget? If so, how much? QUESTIONS AND ANSWER SEGMENT (15 minutes) Recap: Challenges and Opportunities in the Use of COVID Relief Dollars (5 minutes)

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